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Trendy Management walks in the spirit of Christmas and holidays and wishes you a merry Christmas and a very happy new year 2012!  If you are a manager, you probably have often been confronted to the problem of the holidays celebration within the company. Don't worry, our team is there today to reassure you and give you some nice and useful long-term advice!

A survey of the french newspaper "Journal du Management" reports that 90,2 % of French companies celebrate the end of the year. It can be through presents for the children of the employees (42,6 %), decorations and a christmas tree (39,3 %), a festive evening or a party (31,1 %), a glass of champagne (22,9 %), a festive lunch or dinner (21,3 %), or presents for the employees (19,6 %). Believe it or not, this period of the year is a very unique opportunity to strengthen the team spirit and redefine the expectations and common objectives. Our team gives you some advice on what you should do and not do :


 1. The etiquette and the respect

Partying with your colleagues does not imply what happens during this event will not have any repercussion on the future. Thus remain professional: Be courteous and polite to employees and colleagues, do not drink too much, wear appropriate clothes, be there, avoid talking about work during the whole evening, and listen to what your colleagues and employees have to say!

2. Enjoy the event!

The fact of remaining professional is perfectly compatible with the fact of having fun! Be positive, welcome other people with a smile, know who is invited (and who is not), take advantage of this opportunity to make a tour of the employees and prove them that you are an opened minded manager and in the listening. 

3. Do not prepare it at the very last minute!

You will make sure of the presence of all, will be able to take care of the details (event agency, caterer), therefore avoiding a waste of money and a limited choice. Seek volunteers to help you! Working together on an atypical project, it is a way of getting to know them

4. About presents...

Avoid the high tech overdose, the game area, the last fashion product, the indigestion, and the decibels factory.... Prefer the leisure, the useful product, a catalog of presents (more choice for the employees' kids), and the well being day with colleagues. You will avoid a tasteless error and... You will thank us. Trust me.


Cécile Perrin, English track, Group B



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