Article #11 : Can a manager be kind and succeed?

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 It seems like an angry manager would negotiate better if we believe some recent studies led by Americans. Nevertheless, please do not be mean with your employees, dear followers. Respect still has many qualities!

   According to recent studies led in Texas, kindness has a real effect on your salary. The statistics show that managers that are not so nice earn on average 18% more than their nicer colleagues. Thank God, this ratio decreases if we only study females.

    Therefore, being mean is starting to be an accepted idea in management practices, especially now in times of crisis. Aggressiveness seems even more welcomed during a crisis. While facing a crisis, our first reactions are to escape or to fight. If you are afraid, you will be more stressed out.

        Moreover, a crisis modifies our perception of management. Studies showed that people wants a strong leader with all the power and who doesn't care about one's opinion. People are ready to accept that as long as the leader reassure them.

     Nonetheless, the crisis cannot be the only source of this increase of violence in companies. According to Mister Blanc-Sahnoun, it is also due to the importance given to finance within a company.


       Finance forces you to achieve short-term objectives and being mean and having a very strong authority is the mean needed. But this type of management can only be temporary because it is used to shock people and once the effect disappears, it becomes useless and can be a threat since it may lead to rebellion.

Therefore, being mean is not a long-term strategy. Be careful, a manager shouldn't go the other extreme and be too cool and nice. A manager being nice and who is not seeing any results in return can change and be mean.

     Neither should a manager be kind, neither should he be mean. The only long-term strategy is to respect yourself and the other. Express your opinion without crushing and despising the other. I believe a manager should be clear, passionate and firm. So a manager has to find the right balance between aggressiveness and kindness. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's easy, it's not! But it's needed. I believe we need to move from a strong and pyramidal managing system to a more circular one.

 So, what do you think?



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