Article #9 : Christmas time... Your homework for the holidays

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The holidays are coming up with their very unique atmosphere. But don't forget your homework and duties ! Trendy Management prepared you a quick reminder. 


1. End-of-year bonus

Do not forget the end-of-year bonus for the most successful employees! Be careful to remain discreet in order not to hurt other employees and create disparities within the employees. Money is a sensitive subject within a team. Take time to justify their bonus with the employees and to congratulate them. It will motivate them for the future ! Be organized and prepare early the budget dedicated to end-of-year bonuses. 

2. The performance interview 

This interview represents, for many employees, a very unique opportunity to ask for an increase, a training or a review. If you have criticism to be made to your employees, do not all the same forget to underline the positive points of their work. Be delicate but firm on your expectations. Know how to show your satisfaction if that is the case.

3. Party at the office

Take advantage of this time to strengthen team building and show the human aspect of your management! Show what a attentive manager you are and be close to your employees!

Trendy Management knows you're going to do well from now on!

Cécile Perrin, English track, group B



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