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My dear followers, it is a well know fact that not every member of a team can be perfect, actually, nobody is, but within a team, you can find some really efficient workers and some terribly lazy and hard to handle other ones. Do you think these represent a threat to the team's results? Should you fire them? The answer is NO. You would be a better person and even a better manager if you helped those workers on their way to improvement. But how? Well we did some thinking and found out some techniques.

A face to face meeting - Keep it honest and discreet!

First of all, I believe that the manager should talk face to face to the lazy employee and tell him the problem. I agree, telling somebody he's not working well is hard but not saying anything is even worse especially if the team is doing his work. Therefore, during the meeting, the manager should go straight to the point and be clear. Nevertheless, I think it is important to remain polite and put things into perspective so that the employee is not hurt. The risk if you hurt him is that you won't work at all after. Therefore, the meeting is a mix between being direct AND kind. The right balance is hard to find. No personal issues, the manager should focus on his employee's results and lack of motivation. Normally, the employee should not be surprised by what the manager is telling him. If he is, then something is wrong.

Put his weaknesses aside and bet on his strengths - Trust

Then, let him absorb the critic, it's never easy to be confronted to its incompetence. Only after, tha manager can ask him what he thinks he could do in orfer to get better. I thinks that it is important for the employee to find by himself the solution to its problem. That way, he will be more keen in following his resolutions. Plus he the manager helps him in his thinking, the employee will see that his boss still believe in him ad that crucial. Besides, this method will help the manager know what his colleague is good at and does he like doing. You will be successful at work if you find pleasure will exercing your job and if you are able to do it. Therefore, the manager can put the right guy at the right place.

Create a plan together and make him feel responsible - it's all about responsibility!

The manager should ask the employee what does he need in order to get better but don't get me wrong, he should be clear and firm on what he can provide and on what he can't so that the employee doesn't take advantage of him. Moreover, the boss can set objectives for his employee to follow and review what went well and what needs to be improved after every action. If there is progress, set higher objectives so that the employee will start believe in himself again.

Nevertheless, this method can be a failure and a total waste of time. If there is no progress at all, than the manager should warn the direction and ask it to take its responsibilities.

Adapt your way of managing and telling him what to do - Communication!

Sometimes, it is not only the employee's fault. If bad results are followed by other bad results, then there is a problem regarding the management style. Maybe the way the manager is communicating with this employee is not adapted. The employee may need the manager to explain exactly he's expecting from him. I did some research again and found out that psychologists define 4 types of learning: by theorizing, by practicing, by observing and by interacting. The manager has to find which type of learning works best on his employee.


After trying everything, start thinking about his transfer

If the manager tried his best without any success and if the company is big, there may be one last solution before laying off the employee. Try to transfer him to another departement but do not make him think that it is a promotion neither that is it a punishment. If transfering him is not working then there is nothing to do except firing him, the employee is useless, not reliable and incompetent, at least in this company. The employee may be better in another business.


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