Article #1 : "Big Brother is watching you" - How managers keep an eye on their employees

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Nowadays, employees often complain about the fact that they feel constantly oppressed and under pressure, not necessarily because of the work they have to do, but because of the way people treat them within the company. And it is an amazing thing to notice that what they complain the most about is that their CEO do not trust them. Where could such a thing possibly come from? The problem is that if some of them feel like they’re being watched during their work time, they are not completely wrong about that.  


We've chosen the humoristic video below to let you have a glimpse of the way such a lack of trust can lead to the most extreme situations.  


Time after time, efficiency has been linked in some ways to a certain lack of freedom. It is quite common to hear from a manager that employees should behave and do their work at the right place, right time with the right method and that the only way to make sure of it is to keep an eye on them all the time.


With the rise of technology and innovation, it is now much easier to do so : Cameras, videotapes, spywares, and social networks such as Facebook or Twitter have become the new “FBI”of some companies. It is now terribly easy to check if someone is talking bad about a company, not doing their work or not representing it in the right way. The most modern managers have even found THE best solution to their problem : Keeping an eye on the employees while being away? It is now a dream come true thanks to "Anybot" the robot. Yes. You’ve heard it. A robot.


Just have a look for yourself!


In this article of VisionWiz published in february 2011, the VisionWiz team introduce to us the first robot configurated to keep an eye on employees. Wow. It seems like we went back to the past. Let’s see…. 1984? George Orwell? Does it even ring a bell? Big Brother is watching you. Your boss is watching you. And if you do something wrong, you might as well get a punishment right away. Are punishment and control the best ways to avoid mistakes and provide true efficiency? Is it really right in a democracy to be watched in some ways all the time while working in the company? Doesn’t it go against human rights? Should managers give some more freedom to their employees? Could it be that much more profitable? And above all, is initiative more important than speed and profit?


We’ll very much appreciate to have your opinion on this topic! Feel free to comment in the section below!

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Victor Zapata 16/10/2011 17:40

It's difficult to talk about this kind of topic. We can surely say that it's bad to "spy" the employees because that show a lake of confidence between employee and employer. But at the opposite
it's normal for an employer to want to know what his employees are doing because he pays them !
So I think we have to find a way to create a relation of confidence between them to avoid this kind of problem

Trendy Management 16/10/2011 22:32

Thank you Victor for comment that I found very interesting. Do you see any possible way(s) to create the kind of relationship you're talking about (which means a relationship based on trust
between employees and their CEO)?